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pouring soul over the bones is a work based on the re-wilding of the feminine spirit, the quest for the place where instinct and soul mingle, where ecstatic rhythms fuel spiritual enlightenment, and women run with the wolves. The piece is strongly influenced by the North Mexican folkloric tales of the archetypal figure La Loba. She is the Old Woman, the Gatherer; La Huesara, Bone Woman; La Que Sabe, the One Who Knows.


La Loba gathers the bones of desert wolves and recreates their skeletons piece by piece. She lays them out in front of her fire, and crouching before the skeleton begins to sing, and as she sings the creature begins to form around the bones. The more she sings, the stronger the animal gets until the desert floor shakes and the wolf springs to life and leaps into the night. Somewhere along its path it transforms into the laughing figure of a woman who runs free toward the horizon.


La Loba's purpose is that of re-animating the lost pieces of a woman's spirit; the act of resurrecting the vital undercurrent of the female soulriver: recreating the truth of the Woman. pouring soul over the bones is a study of euphoric movement as an access point to the psyche of the Wild Woman and the world of La Loba, as well as a connecting point between the bodytemple and spiritual awe.

Dancers in this creation period were Kay Kenned, Katherine NG and Laura Toma. We spent 40 hour in creative process at Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD) that culminated in a public showing of the work on June 9th 2016. The creation of pouring soul over the bones was funded by the City of Ottawa and supported by ODD.

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